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    Brisk Forex Trading Group

    Want to learn how to trade Forex from a full-time professional trader in real-time?

Learn The Power Of The Markets.
Everything you need to conquer Forex!

This program provides structured forex training for beginners and advanced forex traders who wish to learn all about technical and fundamental trading strategies. You can even follow our daily trade set ups to speed up the learning curve.

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Brisk Fx trade

Forex Mentor

Close to 100 videos that will take you from beginner to a competent forex trader.

Guided Forex Strategy

Learn Powerful Techniques To Unlock Financial Freedom.

Leading Forex Signals

Follow every trade we send with market analysis and updates.

Meet The Mentor.

Hassii created Brisk Forex Trade in 2019 by creating a Instagram channel for trade setup analysis and signal services. Since then he has created a complete Forex training to show all of his members the strategies and techniques he has used to stay consistently profitable in the markets.

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Brisk Fx Trade
Brisk Fx Trade

Ready To Join The Community?

Students from all over the world are welcome to join the VIP Community to improve their trading repertoire while learning from both the Academy and their fellow traders.

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Brisk Fx Trade
High PerformanceGo beyond the basics of Forex and take your trading to the next level.
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Lifetime AccessAll academy members get Lifetime access to the community and training.
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Highly RecommendedBacked by real student results from all over the world.

Follow the 3 Step Process To Success

Step 1: Learn How To Trade

In this program you will learn how to trade forex and use the Brisk strategies as the foundation of your forex journey.


Step 2: Follow Our Trades and See The Forex Strategy In Action

See how we place our trades in a live market and react to the constant movements of currency trends using the Brisk strategies from the training.


Step 3: Practice With Ongoing Community Support

When you put your skills into action you will inevitably hit walls from a lack of experience.
We've built an online community for your daily support and improvement.
No more wondering if you are doing it right. You'll be able to ask questions to the group for quick feedback.